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Mangalam Society

(A Society registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860)
No. 21, I Cross Street, Brindhavanam, Puducherry
Phone : +91-413-2247079

Contact Information

Sr.No Title Description
1 Name of the organisation Mangalam (society)
(An NGO funded by Department of Women and Child Development)
2 Complete Postal Address 21, I Cross St., Brindhavanam Puducherry, Pin - 605 013
3 Additional address if any for correspondence Nil
4 Telephone No. +91-413-2247079
5 Fax No. Nil
6 E-mail address Nil
7 Website address Nil
8 Name and address of the Chairperson Secretary to Government(Women and child Development)
9 Name and address of the contact Person Member Secretary
Mangalam Society
Phone: Off - +91-413-2247079
Res - +91-413-2251547
Mobile : +91-9281340081
10 Name & Designation of any other key person Sri Reenadevi, Steno Mangalam Society
Legal Status
11 Year establishment 2nd February 1994

A- Status of Registration

B- No.& Date Registration

Registered under Societies,Registration Act 1860

68 of 1995 , 13 March 1995

13 Total No. of Staff 3 (Member Secretary, Steno & Messenger)

Formation of Mangalam Society

MANGALAM was registered as Society on 13th March 1995 under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 with serial No.68 of 1995, after considering the positive results of an experimental Project on Delivery on Gender Justice to Rural Women experimented in Mangalam Village during the year 1994, as desired by National Commission for Women, and Government of Puducherry.

Mangalam is a Project for Access to Gender Justice to Women. In order to create awareness and assertiveness among rural women, Mangalam is conducting Leadership, Legal Literacy and Personality Development training to women. The training programme also includes awareness training to women in social aspects like nutrition, health, childcare, family welfare etc. Mangalam had trained 15,312 women till March’10

The Mangalam training could transform the lives of thousands of women, making them as better human beings, setting right human relationship, helping women be aware their legal rights and ways to set right their social problems and to play a role of enlightened dignified micro entrepreneurs. It has helped them to raise up to the level of leaders of their families from the level of mere care takers of their family. It also helped them to raise the educational level of their children. We desire to improve the women to take up the role of Social Auditors also in future.


The Government of Puducherry, Department of Women and Child is funding the Project Mangalam since 1995-96.

  • Leadership and Legal Literacy camp
  • Formation/linkage of SHG with Banks
  • Periodical monitoring of SHGs
  • Training in Income Generation Activities to needy SHGs
  • Facilitating Training in cost Accounts/Packing, to needy SHGS
The components of the Leadership and Legal Literacy training are mentioned below:
  • Self introspection of pre conceived ideas
  • Self analysis of communication
  • Concept of creative communication
  • Goal setting and role performance
  • Societal analysis
  • Taking responsibilities
  • Status of women/youth
  • Essential laws for safeguarding the rights of women
  • Access to Justice through legal forum
  • Family councelling
  • Women health, women mental health, reproductive & maternal health women nutrition, child health and nutrition, child rights, equality, violence against women
  • Means of empowerment – Gender equality
  • Need for organized forums of women – SHG
  • Time management
  • Consumer education

The duration of training is 2 days.

Further our training programme is improved to bring and promote attitudinal changes and behavioral skills for dignified living. The training programme also encourages the women to take up issues like lack of teachers in schools defects in Panchayats services and to interact with the heads of respective institutions in their area to get their grievances redressed. In case of necessity they were also advised to contact the heads of respective Departments in Puducherry in order to get the full benefits provided to them by the Government.

Mangalam cadre Women and Self Help Groups

Mangalam cadrewomen have organized themselves into small saving groups, (Self Help Groups) even as early as 1995. As on 31st March ’10 they have formed 450 SHGs in various villages.

The SHGs are involved in

  • Monthly savings and depositing in Banks
  • Inter loans to members
  • Bank loans to members
  • Maintenance of accounts relating to the above
  • Periodical meetings
  • Convergence with other departments/agencies
  • Income Generation Activities
  • Social Service

Almost all the SHG members are having either milch animals or working in nearby factories as labourers and some of them are engaged in micro level income generation activities like preparation of home care products, value added products from fruits and vegetables and vermi compost. They identify the problems and needs of their area and they have no hesitation to contact officials/ agencies to get their problems solved/grievance redressed. They do social service and help banks, health and civic authorities in implementing their schemes. Around ten of them have turned to be trainers of other women and SHGs. In Panchayat Raj Instiutions 8 Mangalam cadrewomen were elected as ward members and one elected as Vice President.

Achievements (General)

So far, from the inception of Mangalam15312 Women were trained in Legal Literacy and Leadership camps, awareness camps and follow up camps.

These camps by and large helped the rural women to understand/ aware/ improve their knowledge in following areas:

  • Self confidence
  • Basic laws and right relating to women
  • Self respect/independent thinking
  • To avoid anger/anxiety with in the family/Society
  • To respect others views have cordial relationship within their family/Society
  • Personal hygiene/health awareness for problems relating to women and child and their protection/Nutrition
  • To set up goals in their life for improvement
  • To take part in social activities like cleaning campaign, assisting health workers etc.
  • Changed them as leaders of their family from the role of caretakers.
  • 450 SHGs were formed
  • 2400 women undergone IGA Training
  • 1200 individual women are engaged in IGA activities
  • 10 women are training other women in the formation of SHG/linkage
  • with banks and other allied maters
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